Thursday, July 10, 2008

UofL President Ramsey a Martyr

Glorius reviews hit the front page of the C-J today announcing that UofL President James Ramsey, in an effort to bite the bullet for the sake of higher education, accepted salary increases that would bring his compensation to only $456,131. He received praise for accepting a $700 bonus- well short of the hundreds of thousands in bonus pay lavished on him the past several years.

Whether students struggling to pay tutuion increasing at a rate of 10% annually will recieve any comfort from the reduction to Ramsey's paultry $456,131 salary is unclear.

With Ramsey approving of 2 million dollars going to Drag Queen research, His false testimony in Frankfort last year regarding UofL subsidizing Domestic Partner Benefits, and now a federal investigation of UofL's Education department for misappropriation of funds one has to wonder what he has achieved to recieve such lavish praise.

Oh yeah, "Diversity Goals."

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