Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slots Machines in Kentucky with no vote?

Rep. Tom Burch wants to circumvent the constitution and push slot machines without a vote from all Kentuckians. The media covered the story of Burch's new plan to bring slot machines to every "hill and holler." We appreciate Channel 32 (CBS) for allowing slot opponents a few words on the issue, but we found it pretty funny that 32 literally turned the microphone over to slots pushers (the racetrack spokesperson actually gave her monologue holding the mic):

Connie Leonard of Wave 3 (NBC) had a more balanced piece, although she mis-stated my position on how slots would affect racing. I told her that there is an initial bump in purses, but that slots eventually detract from horse race betting as people pour their money, time, and interest into the one-arm bandits. Otherwise good reporting from Connie:

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