Thursday, July 29, 2010

Academic intolerance leads to expulsion of Christian counseling student

On July 27, a federal judge upheld the decision of an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) counseling program to kick out a graduate student who declined to counsel gay clients in an affirming way. Julea Ward, an A student in her studies, was expelled from the program when she asked her superior if another person could counsel a homosexual client. Instead of accommodating Ward, who believed that the situation would have put her at odds with her moral conviction that homosexuality is wrong, the university told her to undergo “remediation.” In other words: gay sensitivity training. The goal was to change Wards moral convictions. Does this mean that aspiring counselors who hold orthodox Christian views on human sexuality cannot become certified? The answer is yes, if you are enrolled at EMU. So much for tolerance and viewpoint diversity at that institution of higher education.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Institutional bigotry just peachy

If you are planning to study counseling at Augusta State University in Georgia and also believe that homosexuality is wrong then you will have to make a choice. Either you acquiesce your moral convictions or you find another school that is, shall we say, more tolerant and accepting of diverse viewpoints. Augusta State graduate student Jennifer Keeton is now facing expulsion for daring to express her view that homosexuality is morally wrong. When the perceived infraction was discovered by the tolerance police, um administration, they insisted that she enroll in a one year "remediation plan" which boiled down to gay sensitivity training that would teach her the correct way to think about homosexuality. Now isn't that just peachy? A lawsuit is now pending.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pornography finding a new market

The Washington Times released a story yesterday about the increasing number of women using porn. This may have something to do with increased revenues. The porn industry took in $13 billion in 2006. But what are the effects on the women who are using it? To read more go to:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jack Conway's best ally

Since Jack Conway won the Democratic primary in May, it is becoming clear who is his biggest cheerleader and fan: the Associated Press. It has churned out stories about Paul's income, his medical certification and affiliation, and recent attendance at a D.C. fundraiser. The latest story focused on his new position in support of a border fence to control illegal immigration. He was previously against the idea. Never mind the fact that there are substantive issues like over the cliff and out of control federal spending, looming bankruptcy of Medicaid and 10 percent unemployment.

By making mountains out of Paul's molehills, the AP has become Conway's biggest ally. Rumor has it that they will do an expose' on Paul's problem with snoring and dandruff. Just kidding. I'm not sure if Paul snores or has dandruff, but the recent stories are thin veneer over the AP's apparent contempt for him. Where are all the negative stories about Conway? After all, didn't he go to Duke? Instead of straining at gnats and swallowing camels, why doesn't the AP question the candidates on issues that matter?