Thursday, July 29, 2010

Academic intolerance leads to expulsion of Christian counseling student

On July 27, a federal judge upheld the decision of an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) counseling program to kick out a graduate student who declined to counsel gay clients in an affirming way. Julea Ward, an A student in her studies, was expelled from the program when she asked her superior if another person could counsel a homosexual client. Instead of accommodating Ward, who believed that the situation would have put her at odds with her moral conviction that homosexuality is wrong, the university told her to undergo “remediation.” In other words: gay sensitivity training. The goal was to change Wards moral convictions. Does this mean that aspiring counselors who hold orthodox Christian views on human sexuality cannot become certified? The answer is yes, if you are enrolled at EMU. So much for tolerance and viewpoint diversity at that institution of higher education.


Anonymous said...

I feel as though it's the counseling student's job to put her personal beliefs on hold and help someone in need. That counseling student could have turned down someone who was on the brink of suicide or murder. Sometimes, it's not about our personal beliefs, it's about coming together for a common goal and helping someone in trouble. It makes me sad that a lot of people can't see past certain things.

Anonymous said...

The post said the school was demanding she counsel the homosexual in an affirming way...she could not do that in good conscience,there is no scientific evidence to affirm homosexuality as normal.

There is only political correctness (the new religion/set of beliefs everyone seems to be faithful too, this young lady does not follow that religion)all of nature affirms the design of male/famale relationships it does not affirm same sex relationships.

The Bible says those who are Homosexual have forgotten God(the designer of all the order of the world and universe and everything in them so homosexuality is being out of order)and will be without excuse on their day of judgment as they can see all that is visible made by the invisible.

I think this young lady shows she has read the Book of Romans etc. in the Bible and takes the Word of the Creator she should that book says we are to love the sinner but hate the sin,Christians are against what the Creator has declared a sin per their faith and cannot affirm it,condone it.

When one reads the Creators Word and then knows what he declares to right and wrong and then choose to go the live in a wrong way, against the order of things then that one has chosen to dwell on wrong thoughts and live in a declared wrong way...the same with all sin, it boils down to making the choice to go with are fallen nature that can go all the way down to historically proven beastiality or not.

The Creators Word says as a man he is.

The Bible is manual give to mankind after the Creator made them...he says to choose life not death (moral,spiritual,physical) read it, do it, and live in a regenerated state unto finally everlasting life not spiritual death in Hell(complete separation from the Creator God,from any hope of anything better then Hell, those that go in are in a wicked state choosing not to change and so will stay that way for the only way a fallen nature can change is through internal regeneration and only the gift of the Holy Spirit given to come indwell a person upon repentance to God and acceptance of him as Lord of all and ones only Savior from Hell can regeneration happen to a person.

Well this started out to be a short post, but I felt I should just say it all.

America is the land of freedom of exercise of religion,everywhere not just in church,that is per our governing documents and there should be no law,policy etc to stop that free exercise...that is the the school is in the wrong and she could sue per her constitution rights and should in my opinion too many are not.