Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Political Extortion Round II

Just when you think state politics couldn't sink to s lower level another episode of political extortion raises its ugly head. Such was the case yesterday when the Paducah Sun reported that Paducah will not be considered for a much needed new middle school because State Rep. Brent Housman voted against the budget bill. It was mostly a party line vote but Greg Stumbo has singled out opponents once again by punishing them for not bowing to his agenda. Call it Political Extortion Round II.

Last summer House Speaker Stumbo promised a billion dollars worth of new school projects if members voted for the casino expansion bill. Members who voted against it were told they wouldn't get new schools. New schools or not, Mr. Stumbo ought to be sent to the principal's office for bullying his fellow House members.

Kentuckians deserve to have their business conducted by their elected officials in a professional manner, not with threats and bribes. Speaker Stumbo may not see the principal anytime soon but voting Kentuckians will have the last word at the polls in November. I'm sure they'll speak their mind in a more orderly fashion than what passes for Frankfort politics these days.

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