Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anti-casino group calls on state Democrats to change their name

LEXINGTON, KY--An anti-casino group today responded to the Governor and race track interests who have said it's "too late" for the people to be involved in the decision over expanded gambling. "Now that Gov. Beshear has taken the position against voter ratification of any change in the Constitutional restriction on casino gambling, it seems sort of silly for him to call himself a 'Democrat'," said Martin Cothran, communications director for Say No To Casinos.

The group was responding to opposition from horse track interests to a plan to ensure that voters would have to approve any new expanded gambling plan. "The plan says that if we're going to do it, then the voters have to ratify it. For a politician to oppose that is political suicide."

Cothran said this was the first time in the debate over expanded gambling that anyone had publicly come out squarely against voter involvement in the decision. "There have been a lot of disagreements over the issue of expanded gambling, but so far this is the first time someone has said that voters shouldn't be involved in changing the Constitution."


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