Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At rally for family legislation, Senate President calls on Kathy Stein to apologize to the state’s foster parents

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March 3, 2009
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LEXINGTON, KY—At a rally for “The General Assembly’s Covenant with Kentucky Families,” Senate President David Williams said State. Sen. Kathy Stein “owes a public apology to the state’s foster parents” for saying that the 7,000 children in state foster care are “unwanted.” In her arguments against SB 79 during yesterday’s floor discussion, Stein indicated that the state already has enough “unwanted” children, referring to those in the foster care system. SB 79, one of the bills in The Covenant, would require abortionists to give young women the opportunity to see an ultrasound of their unborn child.

Williams responded to the crowd of 150 to 200 that had gathered in the Capitol Rotunda to support The Covenant legislation that the 7,000 children in foster care are not unwanted, “otherwise there wouldn’t be foster parents.” He also added that “some mother loved those 7,000 children enough to let them come into the world to be born.”

Williams’ response came in one of several speeches made by a packed field of family groups and state lawmakers who expressed support for family-friendly legislation. The event, sponsored by The Family Foundation, was organized to express support for five bills, called “The General Assembly’s Covenant with Kentucky Families,” some of which are now making their way to the State House.

Williams said that groups like The Family Foundation and Right to Life were making sure that legislators “don’t leave their conscience and values at home.”

"From today’s rally it seems pretty clear there is significant support for this kind of legislation,” said Kent Ostrander, executive director for The Family Foundation. “It’s hard to get this many busy lawmakers to come to anything. That tells us we’ve struck a chord among the state’s policymakers.”

The rally featured 18 state lawmakers, including Senate President David Williams and Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine, State Representatives John Carney, Ron Crimm, C. B. Embry, Richard Henderson, Joe Fischer, Mike Harmon, Melvin Henley, Tim Moore, Tom Riner, Addia Wuchner, Brad Montell and State Senators Vernie McGaha, John Schickel, Gary Tapp, Elizabeth Tori, and Jack Westwood.

The “Covenant with Kentucky Families” includes:
· SB 79: Legislation requiring abortionists to give young women the opportunity to see an ultrasound of their unborn child
· SB 42: The Public Decency Act, which would ban totally nude dancing in strip bars
· SB 1: Seeks changes to the state’s CATS tests that would make them less burdensome on schools and more focused on learning
· SB 68: The “Child Welfare and Adoption Act” that would ensure foster care and adoptive children are not placed in homes where there is an unmarried, live-in sexual partner
· SB 186: A Special Needs Education bill that would allow children with special needs to transfer to a school where they can get better assistance

Ostrander said he had hopes that several of these bills would be heard in the House.


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