Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sanctity of Life Sunday vs. Emily's List

Today has been a study in contrasts for me. This Sunday started with a focus on the sanctity of Life in churches all across Kentucky and America, including my own church. Church members everywhere are mourning the extermination of 50 million unborn lives since Roe v. Wade.

Returning from church, I turned on CSPAN to find an Emily's List celebration of their aggresive political action to elect pro-abortion candidates. This election cycle has been quite a success for this 40 million dollar organzation with 75 employees. To be endorsed and financially backed by Emily's List a candidate must be 1. a woman 2. a democrat 3. radically pro-abortion. In fact two of their candidates lost support this year because they did not support partial-birth abortion.

Today's Sunday celebration by Emily's List loudly applauded several succesful elections and appointments for their pro-abortion women:
1. Ellen Moran- executive director for Emily's List- appointed by Obama as White House communications director
2. Hilary Clinton appointed by Obama as Secretary of State
3. Gov. Janet Napalitano appointed by Obama as Secretary of Homeland Security
4.Rep. Hilda Solis appointed by Obama as Secretary of Labor

These are just a few of the many pro-abortion candidates that the day was celebrating.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked off the event with talk about the future for women and young girls.... What about the young girls that have been aborted--murdered?

Emily's List like to talk about getting women elected, but that is only if they subscribe to EL blood-thirsty ideology. EL worked to defeat Sen. Elizabeth Dole because she was pro-life and replace her with pro-abortion Kay Hagin- so this is clearly not about advancing the cause of women.

On this Sancitiy of Life Sunday, there are certainly two vastly different worldviews and unfortunately those moving into positions of the highest authority in the land were at today's Emily's List banquet- not at church for Sanctity of Life Sunday.

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